ClojureScript is a robust, practical, and fast programming language.

ClojureScript Overview

ClojureScript IS …

ClojureScript is NOT …

  • Clojure implemented in JavaScript
    • but is written entirely in Clojure, as a compiler which emits JavaScript
  • JavaScript with Clojure syntax
    • but has the same language semantics as Clojure, not JavaScript

Why Clojure?

Why JavaScript?

  • Unmatched exclusive reach
  • Performant JavaScript engines

Why Google Closure?

  • Closure Library
  • Closure Compiler
    • whole program optimization
    • minimal load times even with many libraries


Combination of:

  1. Reach of the JavaScript platform
  2. Flexibility and interactive development of Clojure
  3. Whole-program optimization of Google Closure


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